We abandoned our daughter to go skiing (don’t worry she was with her grandparents)

For a long time, me and my husband have been planning on taking a weekend to go skiing in Montana with some friends. For just as long, we have been debating whether or not we were going to take our daughter with us.

It was going to be the first time we had been away from her for that long (4 nights), and it just felt wrong to leave her behind. But we also knew that if she did come with us she was not going to have a good time and neither would we. She would have to deal with a ten hour train ride both ways with just two days in between to recover – there was no way.

So we decided to leave her behind. But first we did have to do a “test night” where we left her with her grandparents for the night, just to make sure she would be ok. And of course she did great.

But we left her with her grandparents in the end anyways. She had a great time, being spoiled to the nth degree, and we had a good time (albeit a little guiltily) skiing in Montana, the first time in a year and half we had any real time together without Rowan.

We skied as much as we could, even though there was just barely enough snow to slide down. They only had the backside of the mountain open, and they had the snow machines running the whole time. I had never seen those before, and they were actually pretty impressive. They do not, as I had previously thought for some reason, chip up a giant block of ice and spew it onto the mountain fire-hose style. They spray water into the air and it turns into actual snow.

All in all, it was worth it, although we both missed Rowan so much I don’t think we’ll be doing that again for quite a while!

Now we just can’t wait to go back in January, baby in tow this time!

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